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In today’s high speed marketplace, buyers are seeking the fastest, most convenient ways to buy and receive products. We have taken notice of these trends and have configured a store that caters to this growing group of buyers. Here at, we do not disappoint. Please continue reading to find out more about our email delivery services and how they can benefit you.

Fraud is Real!

While we are happy to provide customers outstanding service. There is a need to be diligent with new customers and orders. Unfortunately, The prepaid game card marketplace is one of the most fraudulent marketplaces on the internet.

Retailers’ revenue lost to online fraud increased over the past two years to reach an estimated $3.5 billion, up 3% from $3.4 billion in 2011 and 30% from $2.7 billion in 2010. via

Since digital content that’s emailed can be had by anyone, anywhere in the world and purchased almost anonymously, fraudulent buyers seek out and target websites that offer digital delivery in hopes to score a few hundred dollars of content or prepaid codes that can be easily converted to cash within minutes! For this reason, has developed a process that ensures only legitimate buyers can benefit from the service.


How it Works

Our email delivery system is simple, yet complex at the same time. Orders placed will go through a series of strict filters and will determine if human intervention is needed to manually review the order. Orders that have passed all filters successfully will have their code emailed and posted to their account dashboard instantly. 

Due to the nature of email, and the growing number of emails placed in spam, or “promotions” folder in the case of Google, we ensure our customers can retrieve their orders by making codes available in the account dashboard.

redeem codes displayed instantly here

Wrapping Up

We hope that this give a clear understanding of our service. If you have additional questions, please seek us out at one of the many ways we offer assistance displayed in our homepage footer.

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