Why you should never use Xbox LIVE code generators

What Are They?

Xbox code generators are nothing more than simple programs designed to look like they legitimately provide unused Xbox Live Gold memberships or account credit for free simply by generating a redeem code. These programs are often very simply designed and more times than not, hide viruses or Trojans waiting to be installed on your PC. These viruses could very well contain key loggers in hopes to steal valuable information such as credit card numbers as you type them! The demand for free Xbox Live codes makes these code generators such a popular choice for hackers, scammers, and marketers.

Why They Will Never Work?

Microsoft uses a very sophisticated system to generate their Xbox Live codes in preparation for printing or digital delivery. Once the codes are generated they need to be activated by the distributor or at the retail outlet. Generating codes is never going to work since codes are never activated, if you rely on “guessing” codes, your odds are never in your favor as Xbox Live codes are 25 characters long and I don’t want to even imagine how many combinations that is!Simply stay away from Xbox Live code generators. Nothing good will come from them. Downloading them opens you up to all sorts of potential issues. A stolen credit card might be the least of your concerns if you do.

(update: According to this calculation, there are 88,817,800,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 possible combinations!)

What does a fake XBOX Code look like?

Xbox LIVE codes, and all Microsoft products for that matter, exclude 11 characters from their redeem codes. They exclude characters that could be confused with another. 

For example, you’ll never see legitimate Xbox LIVE codes with an “S” or a “5” because they look too similar, same with “I” and “1”, you get the idea. 

This should easily help you spot fake codes. 

Always use trusted sources for Xbox LIVE codes and not these scammy “code generators” or free code offers. Most of these people want your email to spam you or sell, or worse, steal your personal information with viruses. 

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